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The WPF Lawsuit vs. DWR/TNC

Why is Subsidence so Important to the Delta?

Because subsidence is a major threat to a sustainable delta ecosystem and agriculture.


Unless subsidence is stopped, the Delta is doomed to become a giant inland sea because:

  1. Subsidence increases hydraulic channel-water pressure against levee foundations resulting in liquefaction failure.

  2. Subsidence reduces crop yields; increases crop expenses; and erodes the economic revenues needed to fund levee maintenance.

The DWR has failed to exercise its authority or fulfill its duties to protect Staten Island's agricultural sustainability and its wildlife values as specifically spelled out in the "Perpetual Conservation Easement" funded with $35 million of California taxpayer dollars.


Despite two years of the Wetlands Preservation Foundation's efforts, TNC has not shown any intention of changing course to address the escalating dangers of their willfully negligent behavior. Failure of Delta levees threaten the productivity of farming in the Delta and the integrity of its entire ecosystem.  As an adjacent landowner and wetland operator, the Wetlands Preservation Foundation has a direct and beneficial interest in the sustainability of Staten Island, as well as beneficial interests of all Californians.


If Staten Island’s levees fail and the island floods, there will be dire consequences for the local agricultural economy, for Sandhill Cranes, for adjacent islands and indeed for the entire Delta. The Wetlands Preservation Foundation has initiated litigation to:

  1. Stop the DWR and TNC’s 17 years of willful mismanagement of Staten Island.

  2. Rehabilitate Staten Island to no less than its condition at the time of the DWR and TNC acquisition in 2001.

  3. Increase Staten’s economic and wildlife productivity to greater than 2001 levels.

  4. Preserve in perpetuity the “Mutual and Complementary Benefits” of agricultural sustainability and wildlife productivity.


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